What factors determine the quality of the turnover box?

When most people choose plastic crates, they will use thickness and weight as their selection criteria, believing that the heavier the plastic crates, the better the quality. But from a professional point of view, this idea is not completely correct. To select reliable plastic turnover baskets, you have to test from many aspects.

Raw materials are an important factor in determining the quality of plastic crates. If the plastic basket is made of brand-new materials extracted from petroleum, its quality must be very good, no matter how thick or thin it is; but if it is made of raw materials obtained from recycling old baskets, the quality of the basket is no matter how thick and heavy the basket is. not good.

When selecting a plastic container, in addition to observing its thickness and weight, it is also necessary to inspect the raw materials, workmanship, performance and other aspects. The more transparent the box, the better the materials; the uniform surface color, which means that the materials do not contain impurities; the smooth appearance, which means that the workmanship is good; the stronger the toughness of the box body is pressed by the fingers, the better the quality.

Plastic turnover boxes are operating boxes and logistics boxes produced from plastic. Plastic turnover boxes are types of packaging and turnover materials. Plastic turnover baskets are mostly made of one-time injection molding using polypropylene with high impact strength as raw materials. Some plastic turnover baskets are also equipped with lids, and some lids are matched separately. Generally, several types of logistics box products of the same type are commonly used. Some of the lids designed for the same box are all connected to the box body or connected to the box body through other auxiliary accessories. There are also some plastic turnover baskets designed in a foldable style, which can reduce the storage volume when the basket is empty and also reduce the round-trip logistics costs.