How to purchase good quality plastic moving box and use happily?

With high impact-strength of HDPE (polyethylene with low pressure and high density) and PP (polypropylene) as raw materials, plastic turnover containers is produced in the mode of injection molding. Plastic turnover containers has been applied widely in many fields, because of its convenience for parts transportation, its neatness when stack, and its easiness for management. So, when buying plastic turnover box, what points should we be focused on?

  1. Raw material. The raw material of plastic turnover containers can be divided into three types: virgin material, common material, and old material. Virgin material is 100% new material purchased from material manufacturer. Old material also known as recycled material is 100% old used plastic. Common material, which is the most widely used in the production of plastic containers, is made of both the virgin material and old material in accordance with a certain proportion. Most plastic turnover container manufacturers like to sell containers made of this common material. If not request specifically, when customer called to ask price, their offers are usually for boxes of common material. Some small factories even tell customers their products are made of totally new material while in fact their products are only made of common material; it’s difficult for customer to distinguish and detect.


  2. After-sales service. When purchasing plastic turnover containers, the order amount could be hundreds of thousands of RMB. If some unexpected problems occur, it would be very annoying when there do not have a good after-sales service. But it is difficult for customers to tell which company’s after-sales service is better before purchasing. Here is an experience for reference. In general, the larger a company is, the better of its after-sales service. Many small companies say they will offer a 5 year quality guarantee, but most usually if there are any problems after purchasing, he will just ignore you; while for large companies, as they are very concerned about their reputation, they will try best to help solve the problems.