Stack-N-Nest Bins

Made of high-strength polypropylene with reinforced structure
Stackable on each other or hangable on the louvered panel
Nestable in each other to save space during transportation
Available in 6 sizes and 3 colors: blue, red and yellow

Image Item No. Outer Dimension WxDxH(mm) Outer Dimension WxDxH(inch)
Stack-N-Nest Bins PK141008 104×136×76 4-1/10×5-3/8×3
Stack-N-Nest Bins PK191008 104×187×76 4-1/10×7-3/8×3
Stack-N-Nest Bins PK281010 104×276×101 4-1/10×10-7/8×4
Stack-N-Nest Bins PK281413 140×280×127 5-1/2×11×5
Stack-N-Nest Bins PK372118 207×374×177 8-1/8×14-3/4×7
Stack-N-Nest Bins PK374218 418×374×177 16-1/2×14-3/4×7