What’s the advantage of heavy duty plastic storage container?

Plastic storage containers are very commonly used in logistics and transportation, the container has the following characteristics:

1.The plastic tote container has a high-strength pressure-resistance, drop resistance, and resistance to oil, acid, alkali and no smell, safe to storage food, clean and convenient;

2, The plastic stackable containers are widely applied in the automotive parts industry because of conveniently turnover, neatly stacked and oil-resistant features.

3.The plastic storage crates can prevent UV rays, don't change color easily, has a smooth surface, and insulates very well.

4.The plastic turnover box is water-proof, corrosion-resistant, light-weighted, durable, nestable and stackable.

5.The logistic plastic moving box has excellent loading and drop resistance, not easy to break when heavy pressure or impact, and the stackable crate is not easy to leave scratches and has a long life-span, usually over 10 years if use properly.

6.Outstanding sealing is a must for stackable crates to keep food fresh for a long time;

7.Stackable crates can be customized to various specifications and sizes according to the user's needs, and the stackable crates can be covered to be dust-proof, and have a beautiful appearance.