Hanging Bins

Made of high-strength polypropylene with reinforced structure
Multiple bins nest nicely to conserve space
Built-in rear groove allows bin to hang on louvered panel
Compatible with louvered panel and tool cabinet
Available in 5 sizes and 3 colors: blue, red and yellow

Image Item No. Outer Dimension WxDxH(mm) Outer Dimension WxDxH(inch)
Hanging Bins PK011 105×110×50 4-1/10×4-3/10×2
Hanging Bins PK012 105×140×75 4-1/10×5-1/2×3
Hanging Bins PK013 105×190×75 4-1/10×7-1/2×3
Hanging Bins PK014 140×220×125 5-1/2×8-7/10×5
Hanging Bins PK015 140×270×125 5-1/2×10-3/5×5