OEM processing program:

Available for your brand, we will open exclusive molds for OEM production.

can be customized according to the samples you provide

can be customized according to the size you provide

you can use your outer packaging carton, the inner product of me to complete the production

Why choose Qingdao Guanyu OEM processing?

1.Manufacturing enterprise

2.The plastics industry has 20 years of manufacturing experience

3.The company has a good reputation and protects your brand image to the utmost extent.

4.A high-level design team with an average working time of more than 7 years provides technical support.

5.Can provide you with the most convenient logistics and transportation solutions, and provide sewing service

6.There is a complete set of strict quality control system from plastic raw materials to finished products. The original package Exxon Mobil PP polyethylene is used as raw material, with short cycle time and high production efficiency, which achieves an excellent balance between product rigidity and impact resistance.

7.A group of skilled workers with more than 3 years of experience can improve production efficiency and save raw materials to reduce costs. 8. Can be customized for various screen printing, lettering, thermoprint Logo

*So when you need a precision machined tool to produce plastic component but you do not have the resources to manufacture it, please contact with us. Whether you need design or ready for production, we have a full suite of services to offer.

Excellent R & D Team

wn a professional team of engineers and designers, who could make custom molding to meet the specific needs and keep designing new products continuously.

More than 20 years'experience

Since 1997, we provide OEM services to the customers in 60 countries, such as Akro-Mils, Grainger, Amazon, etc. Most of the OEM products obtain patents.

Professional laboratory

There are 5 fixed professional technicians in the laboratory.

Quality is our core value. From raw materials to the end of production, we have implemented the most stringent quality control system. Each batch of products will be sampled by the laboratory. All production procedures and test methods are performed in accordance with industry practices and international standards.