A beautiful final product starts with quality raw materials

Recently, China has been plagued by imported garbage. A large amount of plastic waste is used to make various plastic products. Seriously endangering people’s health.

In the past 20 years, Qingdao Guanyu has been using new raw materials, but the same industry products are often mixed with recycled plastic raw materials. Next we will introduce you to the difference between the two materials.

PP new raw materials are extracted from petroleum, without any re-processing. Its characteristics are crystal clear and transparent without any impurities, and its physical properties are particularly good. The plastic storage box made by it have good toughness, strong endurance, strong and good gloss.

The sources of recycled materials are relatively mixed, and the main sources are waste production of plastic bags, domestic waste plastics, industrial plastics, etc. These plastic products are sorted after recycling, then cut, melted at high temperature and processed into plastic particles.Because of the complexity and diversity of the recycled waste, the boxes of this material generally have no gloss, rough texture and cannot be used to package food.The reproduction material is also divided into grades A,B and C. The more times it is used, the lower the grade is, and the lower the relative price is cheap.

Every product of Qingdao Guanyu is made of new raw materials, which can greatly improve the quality of the products and make them safer.