Customer Feedback about Guanyu storage bins and tote box!

How time flies! Here comes the month July, half 2022 has already passed. Guanyu as a manufacturer in warehouse storage solutions since 1999 has gained a lot in the recent 2 years. The rising of raw material price and crazy high shipping freights add huge burden to both us and customers. Nevertheless, we still get so many supports and kindness from our customers all over the globe.


Here following are feedback we want to share with you today:


  1. The big stackable storage bin model PK024 size 600*400*220 used in our dear customer’s warehouse for clothing storage and organize, customized color is available for the bins.


  2. The half open front parts storage bins worked with rack shelving units for efficient warehouse management in Thailand.

  3. New and fresh pictures of max density shelf bins with storage rack just finish installation from Cambodia

  4. Stack and nest moving crates with dolly pictures shared by dear customer from Belgium