Do you know the advantages of plastic stack and nest tote box?

The benifits you can gain from implementing the heavy duty plastic stack & nest containers into your business are only limited by your imagination.


Space Saving – most types of plastics totes are stackable when full and nestable when empty, saving you valuable storage and shipping space by at least 75%.


Reusable – as these totes are made of high strength plastic, they can be used over and over again, the life span of stack and nest crate can be 6 to 8 years.


Easy cleaning– the smooth plastic walls allow for easy cleaning and a more sanitary environment.


Better Organization - you can store more material in a more organized way to mke full use of your warehouse space.


Don’t hesitate, you’ll save yourself time and money by grabbing a good set of easy storage and moving plastic totes today. No matter what your profession or industry is, you can make use of the extra space, better organization and improved product handling. Contact us today for detailed information and extra discount!