Do you know the advantages of Guanyu plastic moving crate compare to cartons?

Guanyu plastic storage crates with hinged lid have been applied in many industries like supermarket and mini stores for goods turnover in warehouse, logistic companies for products transporting , moving companies for clothes, sundries packing and move.

Made of 100% virgin PP material, the moving crates are very durable and strong. The normal life span is 6 to 8 years, and we offer a 3-year quality guarantee for all our plastic bins and boxes. All boxes damaged because of quality problems can be replaced with new one within the guarantee period. With nice quality, excellent customer service and good after-sales service, Guanyu plastic moving crates have been distributed to over 30 countries around the world.


Why is the plastic crates so popular? What’s the advantages it has compare to the traditional carton packing? Let’s find out together!


  1. Plastic storage crates are made of recyclable plastic material and can be used for years, it’s more eco-friendly.

  2. Plastic moving crates are more strong and tough comparing to cartons, the loading capacity of per crate can be 30-50kg.

  3. Plastic storage tote boxes have attached lid for easily open and close, it’s more convenient.

  4. The plastic toe crates are water-resistant, keep items safe and secure.

  5. The storage crates can be nested within each other easily when empty.


And there are so many other points...can you find some and share with us?

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