How to Use Plastic Moving Boxes When Moving

Cardboard boxes for packing and moving various household items are probably the very first image that people get when a conversation centers on the topic of moving house.

In fact, cardboard containers have become synonymous with the house moving process thanks to a number of good reasons: cardboard boxes are fairly affordable, extremely versatile, very convenient, and easily accessible. Also, cardboard is a 100% biodegradable material so the usage of cardboard containers just happens to be eco-friendly as well.

Read on to find out the numerous benefits of using plastic moving boxes when moving from one home to another. Also, you’ll learn where to buy plastic for your packing needs, and most importantly – how to pack plastic containers for moving.

Benefits of using plastic boxes for moving

Actually, it may not be easy to decide to use plastic bins to pack up most of your things simply because you must be used to the idea of using cardboard boxes when moving house. You just know that cardboard containers work just fine during a move, so why should you switch to plastic packing boxes all of a sudden?

Plastic boxes are STRONG

Have you ever had a cardboard box break under its own weight while you were carrying it in your arms? The chances are it’s happened to you at least once.

Plastic bins are manufactured from high-density polyethylene and, as a result, are very strong and durable – exactly what you need on Moving day. Plastic moving boxes cannot collapse when fully loaded and cannot get crushed by other boxes stacked on top.

Also, since hard plastic is an impact-resilient material, whatever is packed inside plastic bins will be protected additionally by the durable outer shell of those containers. In reality, plastic containers play the role of small-scale sturdy suitcases that will be used for holding small, fragile items instead of clothes or shoes.

Plastic containers are REUSABLE

One of the best bonuses of using plastic moving boxes is that they can be used over and over again just because they are so durable.

The great news is, as long as you use those plastic moving containers for their intended purpose, you can use them hundreds of time before they will need to be recycled. And because of their too-good-to-be-true level of reusability, plastic bins are always a good investment, especially when you happen to move house more often than the average American does (once every 5 years).

Plastic bins are WATERPROOF

Depending on who you ask, the waterproofness of plastic moving boxes can be either a good thing or a bad thing.

Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic containers are water-proof.

Once their lids are closed securely, they are virtually water-tight and will keep whatever is packed inside them completely dry even if you have the bad luck of moving in the rain or moving in the wintertime.

It’s a big plus to choose plastic storage bins over standard moving boxes made of cardboard. Keep in mind that when cardboard boxes get wet, they become very vulnerable and can easily break even when the load inside them is not too heavy.

So, you won’t have to worry about moisture getting inside the plastic containers for moving and damaging your possessions.