Common questions and answers for turnover containers

1.What is the material of the commonly used plastic turnover containers?

The commonly used plastic turnover containers is mainly made of PP because of its long service life, beautiful appearance and bright colors.

2.What are the stacking requirements for turnover containers?

Ready to move Boxes are ready to be packed no assembly needed.When the box is empty, it can be nested and then stacked to save space.

3.What is the common sizes of turnover containers?

There are generally 7 sizes of international turnover containers, which are 400*300*260, 530*320*320, 545*335*325, 600*400*315, 600*400*330, 600*400*365, 600*400*450.

4.What are the factors that affect the service life of the turnover box?

The service life of the turnover box, or the number of uses, is mainly related to the weight and material it can withstand when it is used. If the material is good and it is used correctly and standardized, the service life will not be short. Otherwise, as long as one of them has a problem, it will seriously affect the service life of the turnover box.