Big sales for the plastic storage bins!

Time goes quickly! Here comes the end of year 2022! It’s Dec. 12th again, it’s called double-12 in China for big sales day for all types business.


We also joined this activity to make promotion for our storage bins and moving crates.


For the storage bins we totally have 5 different types as below:

1. Shelfull bin----38 different sizes, 100% virgin PP material, width and length divider available.

2. Shelf bin----12 models available, stackable, food grade material.

3. Stack-n-Hang bin----14 different sizes, stack high, back hanging with louvered panel or rail racks.

4. Stack-n-Nest bin-----6 varied sizes, stackable, nestable when empty, also hanging with panels.

5. Hanging bin----5 different sizes, work with louvered panels, support customized color and customized packing.


All made of 100% vrigin PP material in food grade, we assure to offer nice quality with reasonable price.

Samples are available for quality checking and comparing before formal order.


Up to 2000USD discount can be offered for this big promotion.


Welcome to contact for detailed information and free samples!