The best storage containers for moving will make the often-stressful experience a little easier

Hard plastic storage containers are usually stackable and can be quite sturdy, making them a good choice for delicate items like plates, glassware, and decorations. Some have lids that latch to ensure they’ll stay closed, while others have wheels for easy transport. You might choose to prioritize specific features, depending on your needs. Soft-sided containers can’t handle as much weight, but they’ll work well for items like bedding, clothing, towels, or pillows. These containers are usually super lightweight on their own, and they’re often pretty cheap, too. When you’re done moving, these containers fold up so they're easy to stow away in your basement or closet.

If you’re moving your items into storage or need a little added protection for your stuff, look for heavy-duty storage containers that are lockable and weather-tight to protect your items from moisture, dust, and pests. However, most people won’t require these for a standard move.