The important use of plastic turnover box in the storage industry

With the development of e-commerce, traditional logistics warehousing and self-built warehousing have been unable to accept a large number of and diverse orders, and gradually rely on third-party outsourced warehousing and distribution work. The new PP material plastic turnover box is strong and durable, can be recycled for a long time, and is more economical than disposable packaging. Plastic turnover boxes can also save about 75% of storage and transportation space, thereby reducing the cost of logistics, transportation and storage.

On the other hand, compared with ordinary packaging boxes such as cartons, plastic turnover boxes also have a better protective effect on commodities, which can reduce product losses and reduce environmental pollution. This can not only improve operations, but also increase the ability to receive orders, and continue to increase sales, and ensure the accuracy and timeliness of delivery. The traditional logistics and warehousing area is large, the construction period is long, and the capital demand is large. In addition, the scale of warehousing, warehousing cycle, and requirements for special warehousing environments are also different. In addition, the difficulties of traditional warehousing services and management will affect the efficiency of warehousing and increase the risk of damage and deterioration of goods. Self-service warehouses are favored by users due to their security, speed and flexibility.

By dividing the entire model into different storage spaces according to the size of different storage items, it can adapt to different customer needs. Plastic turnover boxes meet the standard requirements and can be used with national standard pallets, and can be used with tote box containers, forklifts and other equipment to achieve efficient operations, meet the requirements of mechanized transportation, and effectively improve loading efficiency and improve loading efficiency.