Welcome new employees

On January 2, 2019, the Human Resources Department of Guanyu Plastics Co., Ltd. held a welcoming ceremony for the new employees of Guanyu Group in 2019. They come from different regions but are willing to contribute to Guanyu Plastics.

Each employee introduces himself in a short language. Because it was the first contact, everyone seems nervous and unfamiliar, General Manager Sun made everyone a relaxed game by introducing a small game called “Sequence Loop”.

General Manager Sun gave a brief introduction to the development of several major sections of the Group, as well as information on the organizational structure and corporate culture of the Group. Through the presentation of powerpoint graphics, everyone has a deeper understanding of the development scale of Guanyu.

Finally, General Manager Sun represents the company’s expectations for new employees: the company’s evaluation of an employee is not only about looking at the process effort, but also depends on whether there are achievements, achieve goals, and each employee in the process of accomplishing the Learn to take the initiative to report and communicate, and be proactive in discovering, analyzing, summarizing and solving problems, and be a professional employee with learning and innovation.

Guanyu Plastics Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the input of talents. On-the-job training is an important guide for employees to become familiar with and adapt to the organizational environment, accurately position their roles and give full play to their talents , so that employees can better serve products and customers.