Wall Mounted Louvered Panels GLP-1819

Length: 458mm

Height: 475mm



Product Information

Manufactured from heavy-duty 16-gauge, cold-rolled steel

Various sizes with hang picking bins to organize parts and increase efficiency

Can be mounted on the wall, benches and cabinet

Available to be placed on the floor with the stand

Product Data
Load capacity(kg)80
Bin Qty to fit louvered panel and rack systemPK006 –20pcs
PK007 –4pcs
PK008 –4pcs
PK010 –2pcs
PK011 –20pcs
PK012 –20pcs
PK013 –20pcs
PK014 –9pcs
PK015 –9pcs
ColorBlack, Light Gray
* Customized size and customized color acceptable