Two Platforms

Platform is made of light-weight, high-density structural form
Two fixed, two swivel noiseless casters for easy movement of cart
Strong, light, with high load capacity
Improve productive in a wide range of distribution and work-in-process applications
The handle is foldable.
Available in various sizes & types

Image Item No. Platform Dimension L×W(mm)
Two Platforms PLA150-T2 730 x 490
Two Platforms PLA150Y-T2 720 x 456
Two Platforms JACK150-T2 745 x 485
Two Platforms PLA250-T2 825 x 500
Two Platforms PLA250Y-T2 825 x 500
Two Platforms PLA300-T2 910x 600
Two Platforms PLA300Y-T2 910x 600