Automation Crate LK-6420

Length: 600mm

Width: 400mm

Height: 200mm



Product Information

1.Designed for automatically picking by Robot

2.The double-walled structure enhances the overall load capacity of the box

3.With double bottom design, the welded grid bottom greatly increases the loading capacity and reduces the deformation rate when fully loaded. The loading capacity is 50KG per box, stacking loading capacity can be 500kg.

4.The sunken textured area at box side can both locate the Barcode or RFID sticking position  accurately and protect them when usage.

5.Four corners of the bottom are closed with plug-in buckles, which help reduce the damage when dropping and strengthens the load capacity of box.

6. There are reserved slots for label cards on four sides of the box, label cards can be equipped any time you like.

7. Optional dividers available for multi-use of space.


Product Data
Outer Dimension  W×D×H(mm) 600*400*200
Inner Dimension(mm)555*359*183
Load Capacity(kg)50
Stack Load Capacity(kg)500
Optional Accessories: Divider, label holder, lable card