Stack-N-Nest Containers

Stack-n-nest containers

Made of high-strength polypropylene with reinforced base
Stackable with or without lids for convenient storage and shipping
Nestable to save space when empty
Comfortable handling design for easy lifting
Smooth surfaces are easy to clean
Use with temperature of -25℃ to 40℃

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    ImageItem No.Outer Dimension WxDxH(mm)Outer Dimension WxDxH(inch)
    PKMT6423 600×400×23023-3/5×15-7/10×9
    PKMT6430 600×400×30023-3/5×15-7/10×11-4/5
    PKT6423 600×400×23023-3/5×15-7/10×9
    PKT6429 600×400×29023-3/5×15-7/10×11-4/5